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What's in a name?

While the name of our charity, is heartily embraced in India, it sometimes makes people scratch their heads in the West.

In the hope of dispelling confusion, we want to lay out some of the reasons for our choice.

For centuries now, Generate Profit has been the most prevalent mission statement in the world. Of course, we all dream of a more prosperous life but few of us would choose excess money at the expense of the planet and our fellow humans.

If Generating profit is our #1 priority then trees are more valuable as lumber ; whales are worth more dead than alive; human-trafficking makes great financial sense; and, as Facebook’s Justin Rosenstein points out, humans are worth more staring at a screen than living in a meaningful way.

What would happen if we built our algorithms/ set our nations' best minds to the challenge of Generating Love instead of profit? If corporations made their choices based on the inter-connectivity of the planet and its people rather than the exploitation of them?

For us, Generate Love is a statement of intent. An answer to the question of “how can the average person make the world a better place?”

Faced with war, famine, poverty, climate change …it’s easy to become overwhelmed and depressed about the fate of the planet. The majority of us yearn for positive change yet feel powerless in the face of global forces.

If we take a deep breath and just determine that we are going to do some good in our local area – be it by picking up litter; helping a neighbor; planting a tree; running a youth club … we are nurturing our part of the planet and its people; we are Generating Love, and the more people that strive to do the same the better the world will be.

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